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Party All Year Round With Gazebo & Marquee Hire Cheshire!

The Party Tent Company is all about delivering a fantastic experience, regardless of what the British weather is doing! Party all year round we say.

Yes there ARE other party tents, marquees and gazebos. The clever bit is in supplying a tent to help you make the most of your party or gathering regardless of the size or shape of your garden.

Our marquees can be used for any type of party – including weddings, anniversaries and birthdays! Want to celebrate New Year at home with friends? Our waterproof and heated marquees are the answer.

An ideal venue

As an alternative to venue hire for any size of event, our tents and marquees give you more flexibility to do your own thing whether your event is formal or not. Our tents are the perfect party solution if you want to create a special party atmosphere. They are also a practical alternative to hosting a gathering in your home where space may be limited.

Any size garden

It’s a myth you need a huge garden to put up a marquee or tent. Our marquees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so there is a marquee that’s just right for your space. You have the option of hosting your gathering in a marquee or using a smaller one as a ‘spill over’ area such as a bar or children’s play area. Whichever option you choose your event will be more special if you incorporate a tent! The options are only limited by your party planning. We can also offer advice on how to ‘dress’ our marquee for your special occasion.

Cover the whole of the North West

Based in the North West you’ll find we are flexible in meeting your requirements and advice for planning your event is free. We can advise on the best tent and seating configuration to meet your needs. We offer a free pre-purchase consultation which typically takes the form of a site visit. It’s not just about measuring up (although that’s important) but understanding more about how you will use the space.

How to book

Marquees are bookable by the day and are always erected by our professional team in good time, as per your requirements.

To find out more about how we can make your party more special, call 0800 088 6113

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